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10,000 Jobs Added Last Month

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CBJ — September proved to be a strong one for employment figures with Statistics Canada reporting that 10,000 net jobs were added last month. A surge in full-time work was more than enough to offset smaller loses in part-time positions.

Statistics Canada reports that the jobless rate remained steady at 6.2%, which is the lowest it has been in nine years.

Ontario led the with 35,000 positions opening up. Every other province either added a small number of jobs or lost a few thousand, led by Alberta.

The job surge pushed Ontario’s jobless rate down to 5.6%, its lowest since the height of the tech boom in 2000. British Columbia’s jobless rate remains the lowest in the country at 4.9%.

Meanwhile, south of the border, the United States lost 33,000 jobs in September because of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, which closed thousands of businesses in Texas and Florida and forced widespread evacuations.