Ambient Mechanical

Business pride shines through

In many European cultures, the family bond is so strong it is, in a sense, a part of their identity. For Ambient Mechanical, the family-owned and operated technical serving company, those strong roots keep the business going strong.

Over the past 28 years, Ambient Mechanical Ltd. has become one of the most reliable companies specialized in air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and ventilation for commercial, multi-tenant residential and industrial customers in the southern Ontario area. But more importantly, the owners’ passion and pride in their business is what shines through.

“I have worked in the HVAC business since 1960, and I still love the industry like it was my first day. It all started when my frustration and discomfort with an old temperamental furnace in my father’s old house influenced me to learn more about the profession,” tells Tony Cellucci, President of Ambient Mechanical. After seeking his certifications in the trade, he worked for various major chiller manufacturers and even began teaching courses. Cellucci is known in the industry for his expertise and knowledge about the business. That’s why he became one of the founding instructors of the Joint Training and Apprenticeship Committee (JTAC).

“More by fate than planning, my late wife and I founded Ambient Mechanical in 1982. Her love for people and my love for the profession were then—and are still today—the base from which Ambient Mechanical Ltd. flourishes,” tells Cellucci. 

Ambient Mechanical has grown from a two-person operation to over 45 employees, including fully-accredited service technicians and an in-house design, solutions and customer service team. Cellucci and his business partners are proud to have such dedicated employees with a high degree of integrity, loyalty and experience.

Strong client base comes from word of mouth

Specializing in heating, ventilation and air condition systems (HVAC), Ambient provides retrofitting on chillers and boilers to meet the safety standards and increases their efficiency. When asked about their strategic approach, Cellucci says, it all comes down to the basics. “We offer people a good day’s work for a good day’s pay and we’re very honest about it,” tells Cellucci. This basic philosophy has attracted clients for years, many of whom are repeat customers since they opened their doors for business in 1982. “The referrals that we had from clients are what has helped us grow,” says Cellucci.

Though technology has changed over the years, the need for knowledgeable and understanding HVAC service technicians is in as much demand today. Ambient continues to provide this superior level of service their customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s what you call commitment.

Quality service

Despite the tough economic climate that has encouraged Ambient’s competitors to lower their prices to attract new clients, Cellucci’s business has remained steady. “The competitors have cut into our servicing field by promising the world, but they can’t or won’t be able to carry it through,” he explains.

Other these challenges, including the rising cost of energy needed to run equipment, Ambient has proven able to pull through such tough times. “In fact, we’ve experience significant growth in the past two to three years,” tells Cellucci. “Besides serving refrigeration, we’ve expanded largely into automation where we can actually control the temperature remotely, as well as lights and security,” he tells.

Future outlook

Looking onwards, Cellucci is proud of his legacy and is eager to pass over the torch to his son, as he enters full retirement. His son, who is expected to take over the family business next year, will continue leading the company, known for its well-branded quality service. “I feel good about this decision; it makes me feel like I accomplished what I set out to do,” tells Cellucci.

No doubt with its high-quality technical expertise and customer-oriented philosophy, Ambient has a bright future in the horizon.