April 10 Editorial


For an hour on Saturday, March 27, people from all over the world turned off their power to raise awareness for climate change. That is, unless they a) forgot or b) chose to celebrate Edison hour instead. While those in the ‘b’ category choose to over-consume electricity, I chose to over-consume guacamole in the dark with the rest of the treehuggers of the world.

No matter where you stand on the climate change continuum, I tend to think we can all learn lessons from the sustainability movement—even if it’s just an exercise in discipline and self-restraint. Just because we have a resource doesn’t mean we need to exploit it for our own purposes with little regard for those who trail behind us.

That said, CBJ decided to extend April’s Earth Week fever into a whole month. In this edition, we talk to Judith Lipp from TREC about the importance of renewable energy. We also heard from several Canadian corporations who are incorporating sustainable practices into their business plans. And finally, we had the opportunity to speak with two associations whose mandates are to promote new regulatory environments and be catalysts for permanent change.

Thanks for reading,

Jennifer Sorlie, Editor