Arrowhead Development Corporation

Investing in a prosperous economic base

Investing in a prosperous economic base

Long Plain First Nation is one of the most progressive First Nation communities in Manitoba. And it is this progressive attitude that is a result of Long Plain Chief’s leadership and council’s commitment to improving the quality of life for the members and building a strong, prosperous community.

Seated on the board of directors, Long Plain Chief and his council are also responsible for the management of revenues generated by Arrowhead Development Corporation’s business operations, disbursing profits on behalf of Long Plain First Nation.

Headquartered in the new Miskwaanakwadook’s office complex located within Long Plain Reserve, Arrowhead Development Corporation is also home to several First Nation organizations, such as the Southern Chiefs Organization, Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council and the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs.

The corporation holds the ground lease for the 1982 Treaty Land Entitlement of 45 acres directly adjacent to the City of Portage La Prairie and the Rural Municipality of Portage La Prairie. This property, known as Long Plain Reserve #6B, is the first urban reserve in the area. And this building is where Arrowhead actively develops business opportunities within the community.

With over 120 fulltime and part-time workers ranging from administrative to trades and other contractors, Arrowhead is a great employer with a strong team that works on various projects such as the Long Plain Irrigation Project and coordinating events at the Miskwaanakwadook office complex.

A space for economic growth

Since its inception in 1996, Arrowhead Development Corporation has evolved into a multimillion- dollar business organization, mainly through the formation of businesses within Long Plain First Nation. Initially, the corporation began to award economic grants to small business entrepreneurs within Long Plain First Nation and help them create viable business plans. These business plans were then presented to the Board of Directors for approval, with start-up loans of up to $7,500 available to successful applicants. That was just the beginning.

Today, Arrowhead Development Corporation manages all Long Plain First Nation business operations and ventures. “We have become a major contributor to Long Plain First Nation’s overall success, and our work contributes immensely to the well-being of the Long Plain First Nation community,” tells the Long Plain Chief in a statement. “In addition to managing the various Long Plain and ADC businesses and projects, we also sponsor, donate to and assist Long Plain First Nation by supplying financial assistance to meet the community’s social, economic, recreational, cultural and educational needs,” he adds.

Perhaps more importantly, however, Arrowhead’s complex provides a space to do business and develop local economy. One of these is the Keeshkeemaquah Conference and Gaming Centre that many businesses and organizations use to host seminars, conferences or business meetings.

“We offer two venues; our hall can seat 500 and is suitable for conferences, socials and weddings, and our well-equipped boardroom can seat up to 50 for smaller meetings, describes the Chief.

Acquired through a treaty land entitlement in 1981, the former Portage Residential School is now the Rufus Prince Building. After undergoing extensive renovations, the Rufus Prince building houses several Long Plain First Nation programs. Inside this old structure, Arrowhead Development manages and rents out the spacious, heritage building as an office space.

Adaawewigamig Grocery store is another prime example. As a well-stocked grocery store, Adaawewigamig is a space, created out of necessity more than anything, which fosters and supports economic growth in the community. Arrowhead Development Corporation has experienced great success in opening new doors for economic opportunities and community relations. The corporation is now exploring new and exciting partnerships with First Nations organizations and non-First Nation businesses.

Here is a rundown of three of its major economic developments:


Arrowhead Development Corporation has completed construction of the 19,472 square-foot Miskwaanakwadook office building on Long Plain Reserve #6B. Arrowhead Development Corporation received financial assistance for the construction from Peace Hills Trust. We are confident this spacious office and conference complex will meet the needs of other First Nations organizations.
Miskwaanakwadook tenants:

• Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council (DOTC) — Finance
• Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council Housing Authority Inc.
• Dakota Ojibway Child & Family Services
• Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council School Maintenance Program
• First Nations of Southern Manitoba Child & Family Services Authority

Rez Radio – 101.7 FM

Rez Radio 101.7 FM was established in August 2001 as a joint initiative between Long Plain First Nation and Native Communications Inc. Arrowhead Development Corporation oversees the overall management of Rez Radio 101.7 FM, which has proven to be extremely beneficial for the citizens of Long Plain First Nation and surrounding areas. Rez Radio 101.7 FM now streams live over the internet. The station’s web site is here: