Bailey Helicopters

Rising above

Centrally located in Delta, B.C., this Canadian-owned and operated helicopter charter company runs its business from the Boundary Bay Airport in the Greater Vancouver Area—just minutes from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and less than 30 minutes to downtown, the neighbouring city of Surrey and the U.S. border.

Established more than two decades ago, in March 1989, Bailey Helicopters Ltd. started off small—with just one Bell 47—to service a contract in the North Helmut oilfields in British Columbia. But the aircraft company specializing in helicopter charter, rental and leasing services decided to purchase its first Jet Ranger just two years later, and they haven’t looked back since. What began as a small aircraft rental and service provider quickly grew to a multi-base operation with an entire fleet of helicopters. By 1995, however, the company discovered it had outgrown its old location and needed more space in order to store its growing fleet and thriving enterprise. After looking around, Bailey Helicopters Ltd. settled on a new property that best suited their needs—a 15,000-square-foot hanger, which was purchased in Fort St. John, British Columbia, which remains today as the company’s head office. Along with Fort St. John, three other bases are located in B.C. (Fort Nelson, Dawson Creek and Keypile), as well as one in Alberta and another in the Northwest Territories.

Analysts have watched this underdog rise above them all, expanding steadily over the years and capturing more market share. To this day, Bailey Helicopters Ltd. is revered as one of the most respected rotary wing operators in the region, particularly in its newer service areas in northern B.C. and Yukon.
Some of its publicly listed partners and clients include, North Cariboo Air, North Gate Aviation, City of Fort St. John, Pacific Island Seaplanes, NorthStar Avlease Ltd., Northington Aviation Park, Fort St. John Airport and finally, Raven Oilfield Rentals.

Perhaps what Bailey Helicopters Ltd. does best is offer its clientele a customized service package. The aircraft service provider does provide a truly diverse range of services for many business purposes—you name it and they’ve got it covered. From animal capture, mediavacs and fire suppression to industry-specific support (oil and gas and forestry mostly), Bailey Helicopters does it all.  In recent years, they have also added seismic, power line and utility applications, as well as cargo hauling to their extensive list of services.
As they fly into the horizon, there is no doubt that Bailey Helicopters will continue to rise above them all.