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Choosing furniture is often a combination of functionality, style and price. Bestar Inc. under­stands all three considerations, which is why it offers chic and practical products, at affordable rates. After 60 years in the business, Bestar has earned its reputation for excellence in quality furniture and the company continues to showcase its ever-improving designs.

Established in 1948 by Jean-Marie Tardif, Bestar is a third-generation family business that designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of ready-to-assemble office furniture and furniture components. Originally, Bestar made assembled handicraft furniture, such as coffee tables and rocking chairs. But soon, the market would demand a different product, and that’s when the company made huge changes in its manufacturing process and started including higher-quality particle board. Bestar established its 330,000-square-foot manu­facturing facility and head office in Lac-Mégantic industrial park, in 1967, where they remain today.
It was in the mid-1980s that the company became known as a major manufacturer of ready-to-assemble furniture for homes and small busi­nesses. By 1996, Bestar obtained its first ISO 9001 certification and, from there, dedicated its de­velopment to manufacturing office furniture. Focusing on ready-to-assemble office furniture was a good move, as mass merchandisers, such as big-box retailers and warehouse clubs, began to expand and gain traction in North America. Bestar’s products are still distributed globally through major retailers at office superstores, warehouse clubs, catalogues and office dealer channels.

Bestar has integrated a variety of leading tech­nology, as well as high-capacity infrastructure into its manufacturing facility. These efforts have allowed the company to offer flexible solutions, from one piece to container loads. Bestar’s ISO 9001 certification ensures constant improvement in product development.

Office solutions

Martin Tardif is the General Manager of Bestar, as well as Jean-Marie Tardif’s grandson and Paulin Tardif’s son. Martin has been at the company for twelve years, and says he enjoys working with his family. When asked about why the company has managed to remain successful over the years, Martin talked about being in-touch with the end user’s needs. “We want to provide furniture that makes the workspace hassle-free,” he says. “Bestar has adapted over the years to the changing needs of the customer and it has paid off.”

“We have also structured our business to be flexible,” Martin adds, “so we are able to deliver both large and small quantities of furniture. We can sell and deliver to anywhere in North America within a week.”

The products he speaks of include desks, work­stations, printer tables, computer hutches, carts and bookcases, all with varying sizes and shapes to accommodate different office spaces. U-shape desks, L-shape desks and corner desks offer space-saving solutions and ample room for desktop work and multimedia devices.
In 2007, Bestar has also expanded its offerings to include wood components for places such as kitchen cabinets and closet organisers. This expansion was the company’s way of merging into new markets to stay competitive.

Changes in the industry

Over the last decade, Bestar has had to respond to plenty of changes in the industry. “Business started changing in 2001, when cheaper, Asian-made products came flooding into the country,” says Martin. “The local industry took a hit. It used to be that 90 per cent of our suppliers were North American; that number has gone down dramatically.”

Since then, Bestar has weathered other storms, such as the recession and the strong Canadian dollar. “It’s been rough at times,” says Martin. “Things are moving fast. We have had to react quickly in the last few years. We have had to change the way we manage the company in order to be more flexible.” Bestar has restruc­tured the company to include a participative management program, based on teamwork. To ensure success with this new approach, Bestar appointed a new management team composed of individuals who can master this type of man­agement philosophy.

“In the short term, we have to have an open mind to face new challenges,” says Martin. “We need to be able to adapt, because a lot can happen in a year. In the meantime, we are trying to drive people to our website for more business. We want to be closer to our customers.”

As a business that has been around for decades, Bestar will surely acclimatize to whatever the market throws its way.

Bestar’s Corporate Mission
1. Create, produce and distribute mid- to high-end, ready-to-assemble furniture for home offices, small commercial offices and home entertainment.
2. Offer a combination of price, quality and service which exceeds the expectations for our customers and consumers.  
3. Promote innovation in all of its forms at all levels of the organization.

World-Class Quality
In 1996, Bestar was the first North American ready-to-assemble furniture manufacturer to earn ISO 9001 certification. This achievement is recognition of the fact that Bestar’s qual­ity control system meets the high standards of the ISO international norm, in all activities of the company.from product development to pro­duction to distribution to after sales service.

Furthermore, Bestar is constantly seeking ways to achieve continuous quality improve­ment in all of our internal processes in order to maximize our competitive advantage.

What all this means is quality products and services and satisfied customers and employees.