Bravo Venture

Capitalizing on North American Exploration

Bravo Venture Group, part of the Manex Resource Group, is committed to increasing value for its shareholders through the exploration and development of gold and silver properties in North America.

Manex is an administrative entity that enables Bravo to be cost effective and lean on regular G&A costs. There are several Western Canadian-based resource companies that are part of Manex, and the concept allows for a consultative process through Manex’s lawyers, accountants, and admin staff. This means, essentially, that Bravo is able to put that money not spent on administration “right into the ground” says Bob Swenarchuk, Director and Senior Vice President for Bravo. Swenarchuk has held his post at Bravo for about 10 years.

Swenarchuk says that fundamentally, the team at Bravo, as with many of the other Manex companies, “are explorers, not miners”. The company is specifically trained and active in exploration, in areas on the west coast of North America from Alaska all the way down to Mexico. Currently 11 out of 30 of the Bravo staff are geologists, focused on finding potential development sites. “We prefer to stay in this sphere” Swenarchuk says, adding “time zones are easy to work within, and the political risk is low”.

Upcoming milestones – on track for success
“It’s hard not to be positive with the results we had in 2008” Swenarchuk admits. Bravo is currently on track to meet milestone dates in 2009, and has strategized so that the economy has had less of an effect than it could have, if the company had not been prepared. “We’re not changing our strategy. We’re full speed ahead, and the thing is – we’ve already demonstrated that we don’t have too much of a problem raising money, even in some of the bad markets we’ve had before” he says. He assures that Bravo keeps a positive “glass half full” approach to doing business when the market is sketchy. “We fully expect commodities to recover, and gold is going the lead the way – so we’re in good shape” he says.

The company does not expect to alter its failsafe strategy at this point, planning significant exploration in the coming years.

Just this week, Bravo announced a 2009 exploration program consisting of 7500-8000 metres of diamond drilling to extend and further define the geological model to be followed by a resource estimate on its Homestake Ridge project in British Columbia. The company is excited about the results, and looks forward to begin drilling there in June or July. “We expect to be able to capitalize on the knowledge we’ve gained in the 43101 report and our reviews over the past three months of the structures of the deposits, and how they relate to each other in particular this high grade zone” Swenarchuk says. He said that Bravo is optimistic about attracting a possible partner for the project by the end of 2009.
Swenarchuk says the approach to exploration, without mining, is extremely economically feasible and makes sense for Bravo, especially now. “We only look for a mining partner once we’ve determined that it’s profitable for our shareholders, because ultimately our shareholders are our main concern” he explains.

Location is key
Swenarchuk says that viability will help Bravo find and sustain a partner: “It doesn’t matter who takes the project into production. One of the key factors of mining in the regions we’re in is that there is economic viability and local sustainability. We need to have confidence in the political aspect of the project”. Sustainability means that Bravo makes an effort to employ and have positive relationships with both local First Nations communities and municipalities. Bravo has traditionally had excellent relationships with government bodies and environmental regulators. As the environment is an ever-changing entity, Swenarchuk says that Bravo is “extremely conscious of our responsibility as corporate citizens” adding that the company operates on standards that are acceptable internationally and in Canada.

Bravo are members of the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), and appeared at the PDAC 2009 conference in Toronto.

Infrastructure in Northern BC
Shareholders’ concerns are paramount for Bravo; the company wants to ensure that they can adequately demo-nstrate value, even if a project is in its beginning stages. One of the biggest shareholder concerns that Bravo faces, according to Swenarchuk, is infrastructure. “They always ask, so it is a big concern for us: if you’re up in this remote part of B.C., what about the location? How is infrastructure going to limit what you do?” he says.

The answer? Infrastructure in perfect where Bravo is exploring. “We are in an ideal situation” says Swenarchuk. The Homestake Ridge project is located 32 km north of a small town that is on tide water. Additionally, the region has been actively mined since the turn of the century by several companies, who were all successful. “Everything is close to where we are. There is a private power company developing two green power sites and a hydroelectric site to our property. An old railbed has been transformed into a road, and so we can drive within seven kilometres from the property, and helicopter in the last few kilometres.” Of course, having power helps Bravo in their endeavours. Sewarchuk says “the engineering, roadwork, and power is there, answering the question of infrastructure suitability”. In any case, Bravo Ventures expects to see results in all areas they operate in currently. Swenarchuk says “Bravo is not a one trick pony, having only the Homestake Ridge project. Yes, that is the flagship project and driving force, but we have other projects that have tremendous potential as well”.

Exploring in other areas
Other projects in the Bravo scope at the Woewodski Island prospect in S.E. Alaska, which is a precious-metal rich target, lying within a mineralized trend that hosts both the Greens Creek and Windy Craggy VMS. In addition, the company has reined in a substantial land package consisting of thirteen properties in the Battle Mountain/Eureka trend, located in Nevada.

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