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Ag in Motion
Glacier Ventures, was also on hand.
Given the rural locale, a number of infra-
structure improvements were implemented,
including new gravel roads, making for easier
access to the event. Everything was completed
several weeks before the show started.
“It was a great benefit because the equipment
here is so large that it would really compact and
maybe move the soil, so having a good gravel
road was very important,” O’Connor mentions.
The process of getting ready for the big
event was a long time in the making, behind the
scenes. The premise for the show had been
floated around for quite some time, but the
official announcement came back in January.
Ginty Jocius, the man who created Canada’s
Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario,
always had a vision of holding a show in the
west. Unfortunately Jocius passed away in 2008
before his western dream could come to frui-
tion. The show was then was bought by current
owner Glacier Ventures and they decided to
forge ahead with Jocius’s inspirational idea.
“We are following the model from the east
but quickly out of the gate this show has notice-
able differences. The show here in the west has
a lot more crop-plot demonstrations and of
course the equipment out here is much larger,”
O’Connor says. “We purchased the land after the
deal went through in the middle of December.
We launched the new show in the middle of
January and then we worked for six months and
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