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The Canadian Business Journal
a few days right up until the three-day event,
which ran from July 21 through July 23.”
As the global population continues to
expand, there is a necessity to grow even more
food on the same amount of available land.
Not only is the population growing, it’s getting
wealthier and the demands for higher-end prod-
ucts is increasing. The best way to deal with it is
through technology.
“We have to find new ways to make bet-
ter use of the land we have and that’s what is
really shown off at these agriculture shows now
is what types of practices can we research and
find out is beneficial and the best equipment for
those scenarios that adds the most value to the
farming practice,” O’Connor remarks.
The University of Saskatchewan is a major
stakeholder with Ag in Motion and had a signifi-
cant presence through its Crop Development
Centre and College of Agriculture and Bio-
resources along with other experts on hand to talk
to producers about a variety of agronomy topics.
“We want to work with them to show-
case what the effects of good research can do.
Obviously a trade show is a place where people
come to see what’s new and exciting or maybe
what’s coming down the pike,” adds O’Connor.
The next generation looks bright in
Saskatchewan and also Alberta and Manitoba
according to O’Connor, who says the Canadian
agricultural industry as a whole is in a very good
spot right now. Although figures from Statistics
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