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Ag in Motion
Under bright, clear summer skies in
the central part of Saskatchewan,
farmers and agribusinesses from
Western Canada recently gathered
together from as far away as
Edmonton to the northwest and
Steinbach, Manitoba to the southeast
for the inaugural Ag in Motion,
Western Canada’s Outdoor Farm
Expo. It was a prime opportunity
to witness, first-hand, some of the
many latest and most innovative
technologies within the agriculture
in Motion trade show event
began on July 21 and was spread out over a
320-acre parcel of land about 35km northwest
of Saskatoon on Highway 16, and 5-km west
of the town of Langham. Led by Show Director
Rob O’Connor, the occasion brought forth the
expertise of seasoned farm show organizers and
operated by Glacier FarmMedia, the country’s
largest farm publisher and owner of Canada’s
Outdoor Farm Show, held annually near
Woodstock, Ontario.
The Canadian Business Journal spoke with
O’Connor at the conclusion of the extremely
successful event, which drew 200 exhibitors
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