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Ag in Motion
and 11,468 people in attendance. The expansive
new farm show adds an extended dimension of
interactivity for producers looking to assemble
ideas about future investments and technology
for enhancing efficiencies within their busi-
ness operations. Producers are able to examine
crop-plot research equipment in action with
numerous field demonstrations. It also pro-
vides an ideal background for farmers to see the
equipment working in its natural environment,
namely prairie soil.
“We didn’t want that exceptional land where
you are going to see crop plots that most farm-
ers can’t relate to in their own experience. We
looked for land that was pretty much average for
the area,” O’Connor tells us.
“I think it went off very, very well,” O’Connor
says when asked about the overall event. “We
had a tremendous amount of positive feedback
from the exhibitors and the farmers who
attended the show.”
The indoor portion of Ag in Motion was held
under a massive 200x90-foot tent where more
than 80 companies manned displays that were
either 10x10 or 10x20-foot booths set up to display
their products and services. Many of the businesses
were either parts’ suppliers or service providers
that don’t often sell large pieces of equipment, but
they certainly service it. There was also a chance
to listen in on specific seminars, hosted by some of
the country’s preeminent agricultural experts in the
Agri-Trend Knowledge tent.
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