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The Canadian Business Journal
“Those seminars are always well attended
and they are specific, discussing certain areas
that may be of interest,” O’Connor says.
There are two main attractions that make
the show so valuable to farmers. Firstly, there are
the crop-plot demonstrations. Different compa-
nies, such as Dow, DuPont, Monsanto or local
companies, planted their crops in different-sized
plots over 20 acres in order to demonstrate to
the farmers how the various different plants
grew in such an environment. In some instances
it would be other crop inputs that they used to
enhance that crop, resulting in a better yield.
Secondly there is the trade show of agri-
culture equipment, including large pieces of
equipment such as air seeders, tillage equip-
ment and augers. With those enormous pieces of
equipment the companies demonstrated them
out in the field, allowing farmers to see it in the
trade show and also in the field. There were even
opportunities for the farmers to jump into the
cab of a tractor and operate the particular piece
of equipment they were interested in.
“That’s just something that isn’t offered any-
where else in Western Canada,” O’Connor reveals.
Among the dignitaries in attendance show-
ing their support were: Federal Minister of
Agriculture Gerry Ritz; Saskatchewan Minister
of Agriculture Lyle Stewart; the Reeve of RM
Corman Park Judy Harwood; the President of
Agricultural Manufacturers Canada Leah Olson;
and from the University of Saskatchewan,
the Dean of College of Agriculture and Bio-
resources, Mary Buhr. John Kennedy, CEO of
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