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The Canadian Business Journal
makes a big difference and The Bochner Institute
has consistently made an effort to invest in the
best technology.
Looking toward the future, with an aging baby
boomer population making up the majority of the
provincial demographic, it has created an increas-
ing demand on the healthcare system for services
such as cataract surgery, laser vision correction,
and a growing list of ophthalmic procedures.
“With the percentage of patients that are
getting older, it is increasingly difficult for our
government to fund all the care that is required,”
Dr. Albert Cheskes concluded. “Some technol-
ogy, such as cataract surgery, is becoming more
and more expensive. Laser cataract surgery is a
significant advancement but also at a significant
extra cost. Patient satisfaction is extremely high
with the laser technique, but then it is a question
of how the healthcare system funds the increasing
costs of improved technology.”
The Bochner Institute has the vision and
expertise to continue offering the greatest talent,
technology, and ophthalmic care for patients all
across Ontario, and the world.
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