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The Canadian Business Journal
In addition to its surgical practice, the group
of physicians has co-authored a range of oph-
thalmic textbooks that are tailored toward eye
care practitioners across the medical community.
The physicians are also heavily involved in the
educational field, with each holding academic
professorships at the University of Toronto.
Laser Vision Correction
Considered as pioneers in the LASIK arena, The
Bochner Institute was one of the first centres in
Canada to offer laser vision correction, with all of
its ophthalmologists trained under the watchful
eye of Dr. Steven Trokel, a New York-based doctor
who originally conceptualized LASIK technology.
“Dr. Trokel took the technology that was used
by IBM for etching microchips and developed it
for the eye,” Dr. Harold Stein explained. “We have
trained doctors from all over the world to learn
some of the techniques, especially in our early
days. We have also treated thousands of patients,
including 300 eye doctors that have come to have
their own surgery done.”
LASIK technology involves sophisticated
equipment that has become more medically
and technologically advanced in recent years,
where the safety of laser vision correction is now
enhanced further. Accordingly, The Bochner
Institute has continued to invest in the most
advanced, leading-technology diagnostic and ther-
apeutic medical resources. Notably, the technology
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