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The widespread acceptance of
internet shopping has contributed
to rapid industry growth in the
online furniture sales market over
the past decade. Canadians are
gravitating towards the online space
to search for and purchase furniture.
Lower product prices, the ability to
conveniently compare products and
increased transaction security are
factors that have contributed to the
rise in industry sales.
retailers with online operations have a vast
network of retail outlets, which they typically use
as a warehouse facility to dispatch online orders.
Meanwhile, the “pure-play” operators are enjoy-
ing great success as they tend to manage out of
an office with an adjoining warehouse to store
the large amount of furniture they distribute
across the country.
Cymax.com is a company that works exclu-
sively in a single product industry when it comes
to the online furniture space. Headquartered
in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Cymax
focuses on home and office furniture. The
company has grown considerably to be the
largest online furniture retailer in Canada and
third largest in the United States. With
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