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customer is an invaluable ingredient to our suc-
cess” says Fasihi. “We offer a fully-trained team
of Customer Service professionals to aid you
with your purchase and strive to ensure that your
order is met with your satisfaction.”
Cymax stands behind the quality of their
products. With over 75,000 furniture SKUs avail-
able, there is bound to be a perfect fit at Cymax
for every taste and budget. They carry only
brand-new merchandise from the top-rated fur-
niture brands in the world. All of the brands that
they sell offer a manufacturer’s warranty.
Cymax strives to provide an online shop-
ping experience that is both easy to use and
risk-free and have become the most trusted
destination on the web for discount furniture and
home décor items. Their mission is to provide
their customers with an excellent selection of
furniture at competitive prices. “The target is
to surpass over $170 million for 2015. “We are
expanding our office and will be adding 60 more
people to our team. We will also add a further
185,000 SKU’s of product so by the end of 2016,
Cymax will carry 250,000 products in the home
furnishing category” says Fasihi.
What started as a small niche website that
specialized in audio video furniture has grown
into an internationally recognized brand. Cymax
has built a solid reputation in their commitment
to their customers that has only strengthened
over the years and continues to create more
happy customers in the process.
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