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Alpha Cancer Technologies Inc.
Canadian pharmaceutical company
Alpha Cancer Technologies Inc.
is developing a way to deliver
chemotherapy more effectively and
with lower doses so the treatment
does not cause toxicity in patients.
If successful, the company’s drug
products, which use a recombinant
human alpha fetoprotein (AFP) with
unique immuno-oncology properties,
could revolutionize chemotherapy
by targeting cancer cells instead
of healthy cells and eliminate toxic
effects of treatment.
a larger financing, one of the largest
U.S. biotechnology companies recently purchased
15 per cent equity in the company for US$ 7.5
million, providing substantial resources for future
development. The company says its drug prod-
ucts have the potential to greatly improve cancer
outcomes for the majority of suffering patients
because its targeted treatment method will be
more effective and safer than current therapies.
The Canadian Business Journal
spoke with
founder and CEO Dr. Igor Sherman and chair-
man Richard Potts about its innovative targeted
chemotherapy delivery platform, and what puts it
ahead of the competitors.
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