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The Canadian Business Journal
the industry standard in natural ventilation.
Over almost four decades Blenkhorn has con-
tinued to expand operations. In 1995, he founded
Stonecrest Engineering Ltd., a professional engi-
neering and design company. Most recently, he
created Faromor Energy Systems, which split off
into Faromor CNG, and is currently responsible for
the biogas project near Woodstock.
Faromor is known internationally for its
ventilation systems, including curtain, panel,
ridge ventilation, cooling and control systems.
However, it provides additional innovative,
renewable energy systems, such as solar panel.
The company works with customers to get
approval for solar panel that complies with
the Ontario Power Authority Microfit Program.
Faromor builds these systems with adequate
domestic content to ensure they meet all
required program specs and that parts and ser-
vice are easily accessible.
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