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Faromor Ltd.
Ontario-based Faromor Ltd. is
exploring new opportunities with
farm businesses to use renewable
energy as integral aspects of their
operation. Its mission is to create
“on farm” energy enterprises that
convert high moisture organics into
biogas sourced energy products. The
project is currently underway near
Woodstock in southwestern Ontario.
sister company
Stonecrest Engineering, Faromor is building a
compressed natural gas fueling station and an
anaerobic digestion system that will produce
bio-methane. In partnership with Union Gas
Limited, the company is injecting the methane
into a natural gas distribution system.
“By blending biogas with natural gas we can
create a new fuel market for on-farm biogas gen-
eration. We hope to build in our pricing a return
to the farmers equal to or higher than from the
current tariff price for electricity generation,” says
Faromor President Wayne Blenkhorn in a recent
interview with
The Canadian Business Journal.
Biogas is a renewable methane source and
the main ingredient in natural gas. It can be used
for heating and cooling, or to generate electricity
that can be used on-site or through a distribution
grid. It can be refined into renewable natural gas
that can be injected into gas pipelines or com-
pressed and used as vehicle fuel.
Biogas is produced when organic materials,
including crop residues and animal manures to
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