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Faromor Ltd.
municipal organic wastes and food processing
by-products break down in an oxygen free envi-
ronment. The process called anaerobic digestion
usually occurs in a specialized tank or vessel and
is the process that generates biogas or landfill
gas within landfills.
Biogas on the Farm
A biogas system is an ideal fit for farms because
livestock produce manure that is methane rich
and creates significant quantities of biogas when
mixed with off-farm organics. Farms can use the
heat generated from a biogas system for barns,
crop drying or greenhouses.
In Canada, biogas development is in its early
stages, but the opportunities for growth are sig-
nificant. Blenkhorn says a biogas fuel economy
in rural Ontario will contribute to sustainable
communities, and offers a range of benefits for
energy utilization, environmental protection and
economic development.
The company’s primary focus is to help farm
businesses generate self-sufficient energy opera-
tions by converting animal and feed wastes, failed
crops, crop residues and energy crops to market-
able green energy products. It is also exploring
alternative avenues in order to market excess
energy for highest value returns, such as livestock
bedding, horticultural soil enhancements, mobile
fuels, peat substitutes and other products that are
currently being researched rigorously.
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