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The Canadian Business Journal
but because the fuel is gaining popularity in the
U.S. and other countries. He says the Canadian
public will eventually realize its significance as
a renewable energy source. He points out that
some American cities require public service
vehicles, such as garbage trucks, to use biofuel.
“At this stage, it is easier for us to introduce
something new because we have been around
for quite a long time, so we’re known. That gives
you credibility when are you trying to expand
your business,” Blenkhorn adds.
The company encountered a few obstacles.
Some neighbors filed complaints against the
project because they are worried about noise the
fueling station might cause. However, Faromor
conducted a study that showed there would
not be enough noise to disturb the residents
and businesses nearby. Due to the procedural
aspects of the complaints, the company has not
built the fueling station and anaerobic digestion
system on site, but plans to move them to the
site in the spring 2016.
A History of Natural and
Sustainable Products
Since 1978, Faromor has provided natural and
efficient ventilation products to the agricultural
industry. Over the years, the company contin-
ued to invest in developing its products to keep
up with the changing demands in technology.
Today, the company’s products are considered
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