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The Canadian Business Journal
Looking Ahead
The Maizex brand has grown steadily for the past
15 years. Currently, Baute says it is focusing on
brand share and distribution growth. In particu-
lar, the company is getting new representation
in the market. “We sort of reached that critical
mass a few years ago,” he says. “People like what
they see, so there’s a high level of interest from
people to represent our brand in the market. So
we’re following up and we will continue to fol-
low up on those opportunities.”
In the summer 2015, Ontario introduced
new rules that prevent seed growers from using
neonicotinoid-treated seeds, unless there is a
demonstrated pest problem. “It adds a whole
new element to our industry’s way of doing
things,” Baute says. He is confident that because
Maizex is a small, agile company it will be able to
overcome the challenge. “In this industry change
is ever present and your ability to adapt and
make decisions is very powerful stuff.”
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