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Maizex Seeds Inc.
For 30 years, Maizex Seeds Inc.
president Dave Baute has run the
company on certain core principles:
provide top quality hybrid corn seed
and soybean, understand market
demands, innovate constantly and
building strong relationships with
farmers by improving their operation.
Over the years, Maizex customers
have returned the favour, helping
the company become the largest
Canadian-owned hybrid corn supplier.
can match your offer
and your delivery of that offer with what the
customer wants, the better, more effective
company you have,” said Baute in a recent
interview with
The Canadian Business Journal
“You have to have the courage to do things dif-
ferently, you have to take a lot of risk, and make
decisions quickly.”
The company has industry leading experi-
ence, including the agronomic expertise to
deliver top-performing corn hybrids and soy-
bean. It is passionate about innovating seed
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