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development and production and has the
research and technology to develop new prod-
ucts for the market.
“We spend a lot of time ensuring the qual-
ity of our seed. Our product offer is continually
improving. We turn over that product offering
very quickly to take advantage of new technolo-
gies and new advancements in genetics,” Baute
explains. “We’re driven to satisfy customer needs,
and that reflects in their level of satisfaction.”
In July, Maizex held a 30th anniversary open
house. More than 500 guests visited the com-
pany’s agronomy site and tour stations to see its
latest agronomic strategies up close, such as late
season nitrogen application, seed field produc-
tion and corn breeding.
World-class Products
Planting hybrid seed corn is a complicated
process. It requires more time, expense and
expertise than other commercial crops. Instead
of planting a variety of seeds, a hybrid seed
grower plants what is called “inbreds” which
cross to produce a seed variety. Throughout
the process, the grower must ensure the seed
quality and purity. The hybrid crop can be
drought resistance, have excellent standability
and planted in various conditions and climates.
Baute explains that the Maizex brand con-
tains the best corn trait technologies and
hybrids from over 13 global corn breeding
programs. Access to several technology and
genetic resources increases the diversity of
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