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the company’s hybrids and genetic diversity
reduces risk and produces higher yields.
The company also treats these genetics with
advanced insect resistance and herbicide toler-
ance technologies, so the seed produces higher
yields, consistent performance, and exceptional
standability. “Seed price has gone up a lot. It’s
expensive seed now,” Baute says. “The expecta-
tions at the grower level are very high as far as
the quality of the seed go. They are paying a fair
amount of money. Every seed better grow.”
In a Stratus Ag Research survey conducted
in the summer of 2015, Maizex customers
rated the company’s corn seed with the high-
est percentage of “very satisfied” ratings across
the industry.
A Unique Production
Innovative techniques are evident in the Maizex
production cycle. Handling, drying and process-
ing hybrid seed corn requires extensive expertise
to avoid damage and maintain a high germination
rate. During the production cycle, Baute explains
that each point allows for the least amount of
handling ensuring the highest quality seed. To do
this, Maizex growers harvest the seed corn on
the ear then husk and sort it in the field to reduce
handling and potential injury to the seed.
The next step, drying the corn, is also a
complex process. Because seed corn is usually
harvested with about 40 per cent moisture con-
tent, it must be dried up to 13 per cent in order
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