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offers a stronger seed and a higher germination
rate,” Baute says.
Another example of its innovative approach
is the company’s harvest and husk machine.
Baute describes the machine as a harvester and
husker combined in one. He says the significant
difference is its octagonal digital sorting. “It’s the
first machine to use digital octagonal sorting to
recycle ears that still have husk remaining after it
goes through the husking machine.”
“All those little steps add up to a big differ-
ence in the field,” he continues, referring to the
cycle as a “microbrewery philosophy to produc-
ing corn.” “It’s just one thing we’ve developed
over the years of product conditioning.”
The husking and sorting machine is not the
only unique aspect of the Maizex production
equipment. Baute adds that the single-pass dryer
and seed conditioning plant are both key ele-
ments that put it ahead of the competition.
Building Trust, Growing
In this business, as with any other business, con-
siderable importance is placed on building lasting
relationships with customers. The success of the
Maizex brand is a direct result of the integrity
and passion of its staff. Baute explains that the
seed a farmer plants is a big choice that affects
the productivity of his or her business. “We’ve
attracted employees that have a close relation-
ship to the farmers,” he says. “They understand
how important that seed purchase decision is. I
cannot stress enough how special the relation-
ship is between farmers and their suppliers.”
Baute adds: “There are very few people that
come to the farm and get close enough to a
farmer and farm family to give them advice and
help them through the very important decisions
like seed input and other crop input decisions.”
To ensure that farmers get the right seed,
Maizex employees will look at a farmer’s opera-
tion and suggest a product on a field-by-field
basis. “That has earned us a bigger share on our
customer’s farms year after year,” he says. “We’re
very proud of what we’ve been able to do, but
we certainly cannot do it without the Canadian
farmers. Our success is in their hands and we
thank them for their confidence.”
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