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room full of people we will have one robot that
will actually pick the mushrooms, cut the stem,
weigh it, pack it and then stack it, so all you have
to do is move it off the harvester and put it into
the cooler,” Good says. “So we can really reduce
our labour costs with this process. It should
change the industry, and help to keep our end
consumer costs down because we are compet-
ing with other vegetables.”
Live Long and Eat
Mushrooms are an essential superfood.
According to Mushrooms Canada, four to five
medium-sized mushrooms provide important
vitamins and minerals, essential for a healthy
body and active lifestyle. Mushrooms contain
B complex vitamins, minerals, fibre, niacin and
vitamin D. They don’t contain fat, carbohydrates,
sodium or cholesterol.
Fresh mushrooms can also play a role in
fighting cancer. They offer nutrients such as
beta-glucans and conjugated linoleic acid, com-
pounds that are currently being studied for their
chemo-preventive potential. According to recent
research, mushrooms (and mushroom extracts)
may have powerful anti-tumour activity, for both
breast and prostate cancer.
Blendability is an emerging food trend that
involves blending finely chopped mushrooms
with ground meat. Big food service companies
are looking to increase the customers’ vegetable
consumption without losing meat-lovers. To
do this, they are creating dishes that blend beef
and other meats with chopped mushrooms.
This blend adds another serving of vegetables
to the plate, increases volume, extends portions
and reduces costs. Finely chopped mushrooms
look similar and blend with ground beef, so that
popular foods, including burgers, spaghetti, pizza
and burritos, still taste like meat, but are much
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