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Mushrooms Canada
The mushroom industry in Canada
is thriving. It is valued at $900
million and Canada is one of the
world’s largest exporters of fresh
mushrooms. However, the public
knows very little about mushrooms
and how they are produced.
voluntary, non-profit
organization, is looking to change that. Founded
in 1955, Mushrooms Canada advocates food
safety, good nutrition and the care and handling
of fresh Canadian mushrooms. Like many asso-
ciations, it was formed to research, lobby and
promote mushroom growers in the country.
Its members coordinate research projects on a
range of topics, such as growing techniques, and
environmental and labour concerns. The NGO
engages in promotional campaigns to encour-
age the public to consume fresh mushrooms by
appealing to the food’s health benefits and cook-
ing applications.
Mushrooms Canada members are dedicated
to producing and marketing fresh Canadian
mushrooms. They include mushroom growers,
processors, spawn makers, suppliers, scientists,
and other allied industries.
The Canadian Business Journal
spoke with
Murray Good of Whitecrest Mushrooms and
president of Mushrooms Canada, Executive
VP Ryan Koeslag, and Anna Sung of Enviro
Mushroom Farm about Canada’s mushroom
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