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Mushrooms Canada
corresponded with representatives in the federal
government to request relief from the April 2015
deadline to send foreign workers back to their
home countries. The NGO requested to allow
highly-skilled, experienced mushroom workers
to apply for Canadian residency. However, the
government did not support these requests and
many skilled mushroom workers were forced to
leave Canada, both to the disappointment of the
workers and the mushroom farmer.
Mushrooms Canada continues to lobby for
improved access to foreign labourers and has
partnered with the Canadian Agricultural Human
Resource Council, a coalition of other agricul-
tural commodities to work with the government
to determine improved avenues to residency for
temporary foreign agricultural workers.
As a result of labour shortages and labour
costs, the industry is making large investments
in harvesting process automation. Sung says that
70% of the Enviro Mushrooms operation is auto-
mated. Whitecrest Mushrooms is also looking
at robotics to supplement the labour issue and
decrease the end consumer costs. “Instead of a
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