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Premier Diversified Holdings Inc.
impressive growth and penetrating markets in
Europe and Australasia.
“We are currently raising capital for our first
large private placement of up to 150 million USD,
which we are aiming to complete within the next
couple of months,” Cloutier elaborates.
In addition to investing in Sequant Re, PDH
representatives also recently joined the board of
Russell Breweries Inc. as its largest shareholder,
and have also made a small investment into real
estate development company Kingswood Asset
“We look for businesses that have the poten-
tial to generate steady future cash flows. Based on
assumptions about those cash flows, we come to
a valuation for the business and decide what we’re
willing to pay. No industry is out of our realm, but
we stick to areas where we can value the business
based on cash flow or on the underlying assets,”
Parsad says.
Off to a positive start
PDH is a new company, but it has already proven
its ability to effectively turnaround a business,
as both PDH itself and its subsidiary, Premier
Diagnostic Center were once distressed busi-
nesses. Parsad believes what sets PDH apart is its
unique corporate culture and ability to recognize
the long-term value of businesses.
“We take a very long-term view on our busi-
nesses and investments, and we tried to create
a very unique culture with how we operate from
the top down. I am completely accountable in
terms of compensation and how we behave. Our
employees from our VPs to the presidents of sub-
sidiary companies all handle themselves that way.
We believe if you conduct yourself in an ethical
manner, you’ll have success over the long term.
And if you’re honest with your shareholders and
put them first, your company will grow and retain
a strong shareholder base over time,” he states.
Presidents and owners of companies that
PDH has helped in the past, including their subsid-
iary Premier Diagnostic Center and the reinsurer
Sequant Re, appreciate this unique outlook and
approach to conducting business.
“PDH’s management has allowed us to move
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