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forward with our vision confidently and engage
the medical community in a way that is unique
in the Canadian private healthcare sector. It isn’t
just the management; it carries over to the Board
of Directors. When we presented the Board with
where we wanted to go, it was very well received.
Moving forward with confidence—especially
within the conservative environment of the medi-
cal community—is very important for us, and we
have now been able to engage medical profes-
sionals that have been quite reluctant to engage
with us in the past. We’ve gathered some momen-
tum and it’s going to accelerate very quickly, and
that’s directly as a result of this new manage-
ment,” Waters remarks.
“I’ve successfully launched several start-
ups in the past, and what is really important for
entrepreneurs like me is to be associated with
a group of investors who can embrace innova-
tion and add value in building a viable company.
Start-ups are extremely difficult and it’s not get-
ting easier because of the constant state of flux in
financial markets. You have to shut out the noise,
focus on a vision and diligently execute a plan to
ensure the business adds value to all stakeholders.
Sanjeev and his team are visionaries, open-
minded and supportive, allowing Sequant Re to
explode in the market,” Cloutier adds.
At the moment, PDH is focused on
increasing shareholder value, developing the
businesses it is involved with and pursuing fur-
ther opportunities.
(L to R) Geoff Waters, Gene Saldana, Sunny Bang.
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