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Premier Diversified Holdings Inc.
Premier Diversified Holdings
Inc. began in 2009 as a medical
diagnostic company called Premier
Diagnostic Health Services. In 2014,
when the company needed capital,
Sanjeev Parsad, who also manages
a private equity firm called Corner
Market Capital with his partner Alnesh
Mohan, decided to inject capital
into the distressed business. In April
2015, the corporate structure was
converted into investments and
holdings, and its name was changed
to Premier Diversified Holdings (PDH).
did that is because previously
we were limited to investing capital into the
medical diagnostic industry, and our goal long-
term is to provide exceptional returns to our
shareholders regardless of which industries we
engage in,” President and CEO Sanjeev Parsad
The Canadian Business Journal.
The Burnaby, British Columbia based hold-
ing company is still in its early stages, as this is
their first full year of operation. However, after
the turnaround, the company is now ready to
actively pursue growth through acquisition. PDH
offers business, funding and turnaround exper-
tise, through quality management and execution.
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