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Premier Diversified Holdings Inc.
Contributions to the
private medical industry
PDH has notable subsidiaries in the medi-
cal industry. One of them, Premier Diagnostic
Center, is the only private PET/CT clinic in
western Canada. PET, or Positron Emission
Tomography, is a nuclear medicine imaging
method used for early diagnosis of cancer and
its treatment management. CT, or Computed
Tomography, is a method of obtaining anatomi-
cally precise images. Premier Diagnostic Center
combines these technologies for diagnoses and
superior treatment monitoring.
Another of PDH’s subsidiaries is Premier
Diagnostic Hong Kong, and underneath that is
an MRI clinic in Beijing—a joint venture with a
Beijing police military hospital. The MRI clinic was
founded by Premier Diagnostic Center’s former
CEO Denis Tusar, and began scanning in 2010.
“Our goal is to expand that business. We plan
on opening anywhere from two to four more
clinics in joint ventures over the next two years,”
Parsad tells us. “It’s a fantastic business. China is
a superpower economy. We’re in fairly early, and
we plan on being in China long-term growing
our business.”
Geoff Waters, President and Clinic Director
of Premier Diagnostic Center, discusses how
the capital injection has helped the private clinic
turn around.
“While cooperation in private and public
healthcare is moving forward and improving
Sanjeev Parsad (second from the left) and Alnesh Mohan (right).
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