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Premier Diversified Holdings Inc.
patient outcomes, in Canada perceptions of
private medicine remain a challenge. With the
newest and updated equipment and mainte-
nance contracts in place, we can now focus
on our dependability, quality, and experience,
imperative to success in medicine. We have
an excellent staff with extensive international
experience and as well we are partnering with
leading local medical professionals. These devel-
opments have established new confidence in
Premier for the medical community and secured
a prominent place in the Canadian Nuclear
Diagnostics community. Premier has now begun
scanning participants in two significant world-
wide Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials after
inspection, certification and accreditation by
major international drug makers. Our validation
speaks to the quality of our staff and our abil-
ity to integrate into the community as a reliable
“There is much excitement in the medi-
cal community now as new drugs are showing
Dr. Simon Sutcliffe, M.D., FRCP, FRCP(C), FRCR (left) and Geoff Waters (right)
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