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very promising results for Alzheimer’s patients in
preliminary trials. We are the only site in Western
Canada actively taking patients and the only one
in Canada for one of the trials,” Waters says.
Supporting other unique
Although PDH has businesses in the healthcare
industry and certainly plans to expand its reach
there, Parsad and his team are also looking to
other industries as well.
One such example is in the reinsurance busi-
ness. With PDH’s capital support as a key investor,
entrepreneur Guy Cloutier launched Sequant
Reinsurance Company Limited, a Bermuda based
Class 3 reinsurance company with a unique busi-
ness model.
Sequant Re offers insurance-linked securities
(ILS), an alternative asset class that allows reinsur-
ers to transfer natural catastrophe and other risks
to capital markets, while providing investors with
an attractive income stream and diversification of
assets. Low correlation to other asset classes and
financial markets in general is an important benefit
of ILS, because neither the state of the economy,
nor the behavior of financial markets has any
bearing on the occurrence of natural disasters.
“There has been a market change in the
reinsurance business whereby now investors
can invest directly into portfolios of reinsurance
transactions rather than investing in the stock of
reinsurance companies. ILS is experiencing strong
growth due to the large influx of capital from
large institutional investors who have realized
the unique benefits of this asset class. I created
Sequant Re to lower barriers to entry and make
this investment opportunity accessible to any
investor regardless of size. We completed the
financing of the holding company in December
2014. Since then, I put together my team includ-
ing a top tier group of service providers. We
have been very busy developing the company.
We currently have a mandate for $20 million in
assets under management and have presented
our offering to a few large institutional investors in
various markets,” Cloutier explains.
The new boutique reinsurer is experiencing
Guy Cloutier
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