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JULY 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
its potential scope of customers, there is also
the inherent need to remember where the core
success has come from – and that is still the
high-end market.
“While it is important to expand our reach
and sell the A3s, the Q3s and the Q5s we do
want to make sure that our higher-end vehicles
such as the A6s, A8s and Q7s are still very visible
and sold at high volumes,” Lau states. “The
perception and prestige of the brand depends on
continually having those higher-end vehicles on
the road.”
Capilano Audi has enjoyed substantial
success and growth through the years, but
perhaps just as impressive is the fact the dealer-
ship has been able to weather many external
storms beyond its control, including economic
downturns, some of which have had devastat-
ing worldwide effects such the one that began
in 2008. The resiliency and ability to navigate
through those difficult times is a determining
factor for survival and a credit to how the dealer-
ship is managed and operated on a daily basis.
“I am extremely proud of the company and
where it is today. I would like to see us continue
to grow over the next few years,” Lau says. “By
2020 Audi Canada has a vision to be a top brand
in the import high-group in Canada. A lot of
new products will be coming out over the next
five years and our product lines will be close to
double by then.”
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