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Capilano Audi
The level of prosperity of any
enterprise that deals with the public
can directly be correlated with the
amount of emphasis that is placed
on the customer always coming
first. Such is the motto at Capilano
Audi in North Vancouver, which has
been servicing its long list of gratified
patrons for the last 45 years.
1970 as a shared facility with
another dealer, Capilano Audi recognized its
growth potential and separated to its own
standalone facility in 2010. The move has pro-
vided substantially more physical space for
customer service, a state-of-the-art showroom
and enhanced inventory selection of new and
pre-owned vehicles. While the dealership was
very successful in its original location, the
upswing in sales was almost immediately evi-
dent at the new address.
“In the last year that we were at the old
location we were probably doing about 400
cars,” says Derek Lau, General Manager at
Capilano Audi. “Over the past couple of years
we’ve been doing about 1,000 cars as we look
to reach that next level.”
Audi headquarters has always held a
long-term vision that every franchise through-
out the world would be a standalone store,
which is certainly apropos and deserving for
such a beautiful luxury line of German-made
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