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JULY 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
automobiles. The plan is for each dealership to
have its own dedicated facility and staff, which
was in fact the fundamental premise behind the
move for Capilano Audi.
Lau is extremely proud of the results at the
dealership, but is keenly aware that this is a very
competitive industry and it’s imperative to always
keep ones foot on the gas. In proving that the
customer really does come first, Capilano Audi is
open seven days a week, 363 days a year, closing
only on Christmas and New Year’s Day. Focusing
on generating an excellent customer experience
is integral to the business plan. A prime example
of that commitment was the increased compli-
mentary shuttle service for local customers that
was implemented in 2013.
“We want it to be more convenient for cus-
tomers to come here and be able to service their
vehicle with us,” Lau says. “We’ve increased our
service loaner fleet while a customer’s car is in
for servicing. We’re always looking for new ways
to add value to the customer experience.”
Capilano Audi has a very flat organizational
structure, which fosters an environment where
everyone feels as if they are an important mem-
ber of the team. Lau sets an excellent example by
being at the dealership six days a week, as are all
members of the sales staff.
“It helps having an organization without too
many levels of hierarchy because we can make
decisions quickly and accommodate customers
more easily and get things done without having
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