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Capilano Audi
to check with multiple layers of management. My
office is always very accessible,” he says.
Many staff members on the sales side
have been with Capilano Audi for more than a
decade and there are service technicians in the
shop who have been with the team beyond 20
years. It’s a competitive advantage over some
other dealerships, having knowledgeable and
experienced personnel on the front lines taking
care of consumers.
“We remember the customers on a first-
name basis and they remember us,” Lau says.
“We consider ourselves more of a boutique
dealership with an intimate sales experience.
It’s an atmosphere that customers find very
comfortable, personable and accommodating.”
There has been a growing public trend
towards embracing more efficient and econom-
ically friendly engine types when consumers are
looking to purchase new vehicles. The Audi TDI
turbo diesel technology has been a major suc-
cess at Capilano Audi and it’s been introduced
in many more models over the past couple of
years. Audi pioneered TDI clean diesel engines
to deliver more torque, lower fuel consump-
tion and reduce carbon dioxide emissions,
compared to equivalent gasoline engines. The
result of this revolutionary engineering deliv-
ers remarkable performance, while achieving
increased fuel economy.
Derek Lau, General Manager
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