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JULY 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
“We have a lot of TDI models in our service
fleet. Many customers who traditionally drove
a diesel many years ago – that would complain
about the smell or the noise – would drive one
of our new TDI vehicles and be very impressed,”
Lau says. “They offer unbelievable fuel economy
and great driving dynamics. We see more and
more of the diesel models being expanded to
other car lines. We’ve had to hire and train staff
to make sure they can provide the proper Audi
experience. We have plans to expand and be
sure we are taking care of our customers for
many years to come.”
Furthermore, there is tremendous excitement
surrounding a new electric hybrid vehicle com-
ing up on the horizon called the Audi e-tron. The
automobile will have four electric motors, one per
wheel, and will be introduced in 2016 making its
debut in the A3. The anticipation for its release is
already reaching a fever pitch, with sales of this
intriguing car anticipated to be incredibly strong.
Technology in dealerships is also becoming
a more targeted focal point with each passing
day and those who embrace it are reaping the
rewards. At Capilano Audi there has been a huge
shift to making information much more user
friendly; the company website is now updated
with complete mobile capabilities. Included is
an option to book service appointments in real
time, which as Lau points out, many tech-savvy
customers have come to expect. To that end
the customer is able to pick and choose which
service advisor they would like to deal with and
schedule the day and time as well as a service
loaner vehicle request, if required, and it can all
be done electronically on a smartphone, tab-
let, laptop or home computer. Understanding
the needs of expectations of a potential sale is
enormous, especially given that, due to space
restraints at the store, much of the inventory is
physically located offsite.
“We make use of technology to ensure that
our database of inventory is searchable by the
salespeople,” Lau remarks. “If a car is not available
onsite we are able to show pictures and provide a
description of the vehicle so a customer can still
get the vast majority of the information they need
before they make a trip down here to see the
actual vehicle itself.”
As an extension of the online mobile market-
ing initiatives, social media is becoming a much
more relevant tool within the automotive indus-
try. However, Lau is quick to point out he would
not want to use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
where direct marketing and sales opportunities
are concerned.
“It’s more about brand engagement,” he says.
“It’s a good way to stay in touch as to how our
customers feel about their experience with us.”
In addition to building on customer loyalty
there is a huge initiative from Audi whereby
the automaker is constantly introducing new
programs to keep existing customers happy.
Gaining new customers is also very important
but the best customer is the one who’s already
previously purchased a vehicle, as they know
how excellent the experience has been in deal-
ing with Capilano Audi.
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