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JULY 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
“We focus heavily on our database and
ensuring we reach out to our current customers
on a regular basis,” Lau confirms. “We encour-
age staff to send Birthday cards or Christmas
cards to let the customers know they are on our
minds. The strongest push in terms of what we
want to achieve here is to increase customer
loyalty. We aim to do that through promotions
and providing the best service experience pos-
sible with every visit.”
Lau and his team set ambitious targets for
themselves. Each year they strive to make them-
selves better and to increase sales volumes, which
they’ve been successful in doing since moving
to the new location five years ago. The competi-
tive spirt is evident within the management team
at Capilano Audi and it extends to each individual
working for the company. It’s a small, tightly-knit
group that produces extraordinarily impressive
sales numbers year in and year out.
“Everyone here wants to do the best they can
and earn as much business as possible on behalf
of the store. Those are the type of employees we
surround ourselves with when we staff the deal-
ership,” Lau says.
While the name Audi is associated with being
a high-end automobile, there are very beautiful
cars at affordable prices for people who in the
past may have assumed they could never afford
such a luxury vehicle. To that end there has been
a conscious decision from Audi to expand the
reach in terms of affordability. As example, the
A3 and the Q3 start in the low to mid $30,000s.
However, despite the fact Audi wants to broaden
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