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JUNE 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
App helps people choose fishing hot spots, informs
them on the types of fish at each destination, and
even suggests the right lure and technique to catch
your choice of fish whether it be a freshwater or
saltwater species.”
Fins & Skins Classic Adventures was the first
program under Fins Media Group. The program
merges two great outdoor pastimes: fishing and
golf in world class destinations. The show takes
big name sports celebrities and entertainers out
on fishing/golf trips around the world, remov-
ing them from their daily routines and presenting
them in a less formal light. The premise of the
show is to have a fun fishing and golf match with
a destination being highlighted and the celebrity
profiled on the show.
“We want them to have fun and tell view-
ers about themselves on a more personal level.
The idea for the show came when I was invited
by PGA golfer Nick Price to go fish with him in
Africa, and he made me realize how many PGA
golfers and celebrities love to fish. Nick actually
became my first guest. That was the beginning
of Fins & Skins and basically of Fins Media Group,
focusing on fishing, golf and travel, and living the
outdoor lifestyle,” says Waszczuk.
Fins & Skins commands a tremendous suc-
cess with the viewers and networks, with TSN
and TSN2 offering to air 12 TV Specials of the
program annually; however, the production
of this many episodes proved to be extremely
difficult due to celebrities’ busy schedules, and
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