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JUNE 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
challenges of landing a celebrity to spend several
days filming on location. Even with these chal-
lenges, Waszczuk hosted over 100 celebrities
on his show to date. Jane Seymour, Nick Faldo,
Wade Boggs, Mike Keenan, James Keach are
just a few named celebrities. “One unique fact,”
Waszczuk stated,” more than 80 per cent of his
celebrity guests have caught the biggest fish of
their life in the filming of their episode.”
“I had to cut back to four episodes a year. I
also have a passion for saltwater fishing, so I cre-
ated a new TV series called Fishing the Flats. This
series focuses on fishing in the warmer climates
and exotic locations. The show is jam-packed
with information about the destination, the fish,
angling techniques and of course the excitement
of catching the big one. This show has taken off
big time,” says Waszczuk. “It’s my pride and joy!”
Besides Fins & Skins and Fishing the Flats,
Fins Media Group also produces Big City Fishing,
a TV series that focuses on finding the best
fishing spots around big cities like Toronto,
Vancouver, New York, Miami, etc. “Not everyone
can take off and travel half way around the world
to spend a few days fishing, so Big City Fishing
provides information to anglers about good fish-
ing spots around big cities, close to home with
back-to-basics angling techniques.”
The Best Canadian
Fishin’ Hot Spots
One of Waszczuk’s fortes is finding excellent
fishing destinations that can satisfy even the
most demanding sport fisherman, and of his
favourite Canadian fishing spots he noted Lake
Erie as a perfect place for corporate day trips
with average anglers, easy to fish and lots of big
fish for one and all. “For me personally, noth-
ing hits the soul more than fly fishing the pristine
rivers of British Columbia for cutthroat trout,
steelhead, or salmon.”
But for those who want to experience the
real northern Canadian adventure, Waszczuk
suggests Trout Rock Wilderness Lodge, located
outside Yellowknife on Great Slave Lake in
Northwest Territories. “Trout Rock Lodge is pos-
sibly one of the most incredible northern pike
fisheries in the world. Any day in June, you can
catch 60 to a 100 fish over three feet long. It
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