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PCC Group
may seem, oftentimes in
business there are noticeable attempts at halt-
ing progress within a particular industry by the
very people who specialize in it. Resistance
to change, albeit selfishly impractical, can be
attributed to insecurity and the need for self-
preservation by those who benefit the most in
continuing with conventional methods. Whether
it is the intimidation of having to learn a new
way of thinking – and working – or whether it
is fueled by greed in an effort to keep hold of
more expensive billable methodologies, resis-
tance to change is in fact quite real. PCC Group
of Calgary is one such company with a pioneer-
ing spirit and fortitude that dares to buck those
stale, outdated conventional methods in order to
provide improved, more cost-effective business
solutions for its clients.
PCC Group is Western Canada’s leading
designer and integrator for plug and play low-volt-
age IP solutions; including modular data cabling,
multimedia integration, audio visual, sound mask-
ing and mass notification systems. Quite simply,
PCC offers immediate value and savings to project
implementations and sustainability, resulting in the
best return on investment for clients with systems
that are scalable, reconfigurable and 100% reusable
to offer unparalleled sustainability for the people
and companies they serve.
The Canadian Business Journa
l recently
PCC Group CEO Peter Crawley
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