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PCC Group
onsite, resulting in de-risking projects and tak-
ing labour intensive tasks offsite. That right there
is why Crawley’s company has been faced with
significant resistance by those who want to keep
labour numbers where they have always been, in
spite of the fact there is cold hard evidence that
such outdated methods are no longer necessary.
Modular Breakthrough
One of the most challenging aspects of break-
ing through into this competitive industry was the
need to change the culture that has been so deeply
engrained for decades. The traditional way of doing
business, while less efficient and more costly for
the end user, was something that had always been
done, so there has been a lot of ‘if it ain’t broke,
don’t fix it’ mentality. Trying to break that stubborn
mold has been anything but easy. In fact, it became
evident to Crawley and his executive team that
there really was only one logical way to proceed
due to continued resistance in the marketplace.
“We realized the only way we were going to
bring value to clients was to go out and do the
whole thing ourselves from start to finish,” he
says. “We have had fantastic feedback from some
very sophisticated buyers within Alberta’s lead-
ing corporations, who were all saying that what
we were doing made perfect sense and it would
bring value to them.”
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