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JUNE 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
A major breakthrough for PCC Group came in
2007 when the company’s first big project was
to fit-out a building called Livingston Place for
Provident Energy. Crawley’s team was entrusted
with 250,000 square feet of real estate. Delivery
was on time and on budget. The key, as Crawley
mentions, is to establish a level of trust with your
clients and the best way to accomplish that is to
deliver as promised – providing excellent modu-
lar solutions.
“We’ve forged closer links with the engineer-
ing and design practices – joining them at the
higher professional level – so many big compa-
nies invite us to the consulting table now. We sit
with their design teams and the engineers and
help them to engineer in value. It’s not just a
cabling solution that we offer but rather it’s a full
suite of products that carry the same method of
deployment,” he says. “The structured cabling,
sound masking, AV and media collaboration are
“We have had fantastic feedback
from some very sophisticated
buyers within Alberta’s leading
corporations, who were all saying
that what we were doing made
perfect sense and it would bring
value to them.”
– Peter Crawley
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