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JUNE 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
some of those aspects that have moved into the
plug and play arena, which is a perfect fit for us.”
Progressive thinking by some companies
in knowing they need to embrace modular
solutions has resulted in their being able to
accommodate change-outs far more effectively.
In a modular setup, every component is flexible
and sustainable, so space can be reconfigured at
the drop of a hat. With so many movements in
the marketplace, this type of value-added solu-
tion is pure gold for companies.
“Clients not only make use of our solutions
but they have made us part of their national
design team,” Crawley says. “A great example is
a national accounting firm, one of the largest in
Canada rolling out a fully modular office infra-
structure. They’ve got about 1 million square feet
of real estate and we just completed two proj-
ects in Ontario and another one in Burlington on
the go right now. We’re also in Vancouver and
Saskatoon, delivering our full suite of products
as a national rollout. The client is on record as
saying their fit-out projects are in the low $70
per square foot delivered, while conventional is
typically $90 plus – so it’s proven to be cheaper
to do it on a modular basis than conventional.”
When PCC Group put their prices forward
for some major organizations, those large com-
panies in turn enlisted the advice of independent
cost consultants to measure how PCC’s meth-
ods would actually stack up. This evaluation
would not only assess the delivery of the initial
project but with respect to ongoing ownership
costs. Upon receiving a thumbs-up from each
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