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field equipment continue to become more
sophisticated with constant advancements in
technology, it also means utilizing considerably
larger and heavier machinery to execute
various tasks such as manure spreading in the
fields, which only exacerbates the negative
ramifications of soil compaction.
Densely compacted soils contain few large
pores and have a reduced rate of both water
infiltration and drainage from the compacted
layer. Kraayenbrink and several friends began
tossing around the idea of deflating the tires on
farm vehicles and decided to elicit the advice of
a researcher named Greg Stewart, who subse-
quently felt the idea was an intriguing one.
A government-funded program for innovative
ideas led to Stewart and Kraayenbrink teaming up
for a project on inflation and deflation.
“I was providing the tanker and Greg was
doing the research on compaction benefits with
deflated tires and the funding paid for the capital
costs,” Kraayenbrink begins.
It’s believed the initial idea for deflating tires
may have occurred on D-Day during World War
Two on the beaches of Normandy. Innumerable
vehicles used by the allied forces became stuck
on the sandy beaches, but after deflating the tires
they were able to drive away. Following extensive
research based on that same methodology on
the Internet, Kraayenbrink and Stewart realized
that some European countries had been using the
deflation-inflation model for more than 20 years.
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