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The Canadian Business Journal
“I think I must have sent about 170 emails
trying to decipher how their system worked,”
Kraayenbrink says.
Through additional government funding,
Kraayenbrink, Stewart and Sam Bradshaw, an
engineer from Ontario Pork, traveled to Europe in
March, 2010, gathering pertinent information in
Denmark, Holland, Germany, Belgium and France.
“I was able to stay a bit longer and went to six
manufacturers and two universities in five countries
and learned a lot. But those manufacturers weren’t
prepared to set up in Canada,” Kraayenbrink says.
Undeterred, Kraayenbrink’s group followed
that up with a direct approach to a North American
company that had designed a system for inflating
and deflating tires in the trucking industry. But as
Kraayenbrink points out there is a colossal differ-
ence between the fundamental requirements of
trucking and farming.
“A truck tire has high pressure and low volume,
whereas agricultural vehicles have high volume and
low pressure,” he explains.
Refining the Technology
Kraayenbrink quickly surmised they had borne
witness to a robust system for trucking, but it
was far more elaborate than necessary for agri-
cultural purposes. As part of the public project
he was working on, it was also his responsibility
to also demonstrate the system, which meant
visiting numerous towns across the country.
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