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The Canadian Business Journal
The impressive AAID control system allows
a farmer to adjust their vehicle’s tire pres-
sure from the fields to the paved roads and
back again. By reducing tire pressure, the tires’
footprint widens and lengthens, and as such
increases surface area while reducing soil com-
paction. The AAID control is not only compact
and fast, but also exceptionally versatile. It
comes equipped with a manual override if any
part of the control system fails, so there is never
any down time, which is of critical importance
to a farmer. The unit can be moved to other
implements (large square baler, grain buggy,
solid manure spreaders, etc.) very easily with a
quick attach table that requires only four bolts.
The invention has been extremely well received,
which has aided in moving the initiative forward.
“Doors have opened that quite frankly we
didn’t expect,” Kraayenbrink reflects. “We’ve
been to a number of shows, and you need to
have a display. A tire company gave new tires
and a tractor company loaned us a new demo
tractor so we have new equipment at the
shows. That meant a lot to us because in busi-
ness, if the doors don’t open it makes it hard to
move forward. We credit a lot of our success to
the help others have provided to us.”
Since the creation of the AAID control five
years ago, Kraayenbrink has attended numer-
ous trade shows and conventions where he’d
been known for decades as a pig farmer sell-
ing breeding stock, so it’s been somewhat of
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